I like to discover places, objects and people for my soul. I love every trip and destination either exotic or in large cities where I enjoy the stolen moments of time, to find the hidden gems, to flick through the magazines, read chick-lit, world classics, to indulge me with all the small pleasures of life at the spa, city wandering, loosing my time on café bars, to have a glass of champagne at breakfastCurrently, I live in London, a city that doesn’t let itself easily discovered. London rendered me a lost part of myself and led me on the path of mental health awarness. I’ve become intersted in wellbeing, mindfulness and creativity that I’ve lost or just haven’t been able to experience them anymore. 


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  1. Super tare Blog-ul!


    1. Multumesc, apreciez parerea ta!


      1. ok mersi! 🙂


      2. Cu mare placere!


  2. dactilografadenoapte says:

    Doresc sa te anunt prin acest mesaj ca blogul tau a fost nominalizat la premiul ”Liebster Blog” – http://dactilografadenoapte.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/liebster-award-2/ aici vei gasi toate informatiile pentru urmatorul pas.
    Iti doresc o zi cat mai frumoasa !


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