Lumiere de Ile de Re

A small stretch of land floating on a ocean gives way to a long and wide beach with sand dunes, plants and pine forest glittering in the striking daylight of Ile de Re.

Wooden striped fence is giving the impression the land belongs to someone and is dividing the public to the private space. A very cozy idea of communal areas. Pebble paved alleys take you to the village, like in a maze you want to wonder undisturbed by any local on the torrid afternoon. White washed houses are painting the architecture of the island, and only the light green shutters, doors and gates are allowed to break out into the landscape. Well, besides the pine forests. The villages are hosting handicraft markets, food markets on any occasion, Sunday, weekday, night markets. There are some ruins of an abbey, windmills, light houses, picturesque ports but the beach…the beach is like no other. The sky is high and light so bright, there is nothing to stop the light to spread itself on the island, just openess. The dunes of sand on the mild honey colour just before dawn is relaxing the eye now and sand plants are decorating the landscape better than any other accessory would do it. The high tide is stealing away the beach to the voraceous tourist of sea comfort. 


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