No Misery, just Nobilita

I cannot find a more refreshing drink in the morning than champagne. This is not a richness expression, is a state of mind. Like the one of Capri day trip that I visited when on Amalfi Coast, Vietri sul Mare. We stayed in a boutique hotel bult in the cliffside hanging above the clear sea. The little town was cozy, abundent in art, ceramic pots

and scenary. We did the most of it and took the bus ride to Amalfi and then to Ravello.

The bus is an adventure. It’s like a roller coaster above the deep blue. But it’s worth it. The destination makes you forget all. Amalfi Cathedral is a huge edifice at the feet of the lush mountains, among the white washed small houses that are twinkling in the light of the sunset, when the sun goes down beyond the peaks.

Ravello is a marvel. The two villas, Rufolo and Cimbrone I visited offer the best views along the coast and the art objects provided along the garden are the ultimate bliss on earth.
Villa Cimbrone offers the infinity terrace lined up with white statues.
The isle that I dreamt at all my life, Capri, hosts the villa of the doctor and philosopher Axel Munthe. Another paradise with lush gardens and vistas but you’d better read the best book ever that describes the house of the author’s dreams. And mine.
Casa Rossa’s poster is displaying a matrimonial rite in Anacapri painted by Edouard Saint Sain and also exhibits many other paintings all depicting life on the island. The building is an arab style house, with a patio, motifs and statues and again a vista of Anacapri.
San Michele cathedral with amazing floor and altars, rich in religious paintings.
Everywhere you look it’s art, culture and architecture. No misery just Nobilita.


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  1. Firelands says: my grandmother’s 1910 diary, she writes about visiting the Amalfi coast and how much she loved it. Thanks for sharing these photos of what she must have seen back then.


    1. You are welcome. The coast is a jewel, che belleza! Your grandmother must have enjoyed the unspoilt beauty of the villas and places. Maybe she describes more accurately the coast at that time.


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