Bank holiday weekend highlights: parks, gardens and history

Green retreats and historical places are the best short destinations to visit in the city. Royal Parks, gardens and museums enchant my eyes and transport me in other times, escaping the routine and challenge the mind. 

This weekend I went to see live the Still Pond, the most published capture and representative for Isabella’s Plantation. It’s very idyllic to gaze to the still water of the pond where colourful Rhododrendons and azaleas are reflecting. The other ponds are populated with yellow irises and water fouls. The deers were very friendly and let themselves be photographed by the visitors in close ups. 
The Hampton Court Palace offered the best performance lied on the border of the Thames. I traced a few famous painting by Rembrandt, Titzian, Rubens, found at the favourite court of Henry VIII. Also I went on his steps following him on his apartments, on the Magic Gradens, the Kitchen Gardens and admired the Great Hall whose ceiling are decorated with magical creatures and eavesdroppers maybe hanging there to make people aware that someone at the court might be listening.


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