Little pleasures and secret oasis in the city

A stretch of wood and wildlife in the heart of the vibrant King’ Cross, along Regent’s Canal. The Camley Street Natural Park is a dense little woodland with ponds, meadow wildflowers, shrubbery and its woodlanders…insects, birds and fish. A kept secret and hidden place, tucked away from the eyes of the city lovers. It’s just for the wanderers and for the true seekers of greenery and authenticity. It’s lunch break regal to go for a stroll on a hot summer day and eat your meal sitting on a bench nearby the pond or to enjoy a coffee on the site’s terrace. Either way you’ll get a positive mood and a boost of energy without too much effort. 

I am a thorough seeker of places that are not very marketed despite their worthiness. I like to discover authentic places that do not address to the crowd and will not be on the consumers’ wish list. For me this is a real gem, a treasure in the middle of a busy and full of brands area of London, nearby Google offices, the Univeristy of Arts, Camden Library and fancy restaurants in the Granary Square or the Stables. 

This is a place to soothe your mind and soul reading poetry or meditating when you’ve got little time. It’s a refuge for resting your mind and chilling down. This has been a way to detach myself from the anxiety I’ve got the whole week. It’s been therapeutical and exciting in the same time to discover and enjoy a couple of minutes of escapism from the city features and connecting with true self. 


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