Exploring Hampstead Heath woodlands

I love nature and spending time in the middle of it, is my weekend’s bigest achievement now that I live in London. I could walk for the whole day through the woods and still wonder at the sight of a spot of a sunlighted bunch of bluebells as if I had never seen flowers in my life. 

Yesteday it was an absolute marvel: woodland, gardens, historic  house, art, sunshine, everything on the same day and in the same neighbourhood, Hampstead Heath. 

I started my walk at Gospel Oak entrancr and walked past the ponds, men’s, women’s and the mixed one. Not little were my surprise when I actually see people swimming and dome of them without wearing their thermal swim suit. We started to climb the hills and walked intl the dogs exhibition, then carried on with our path and stepped onto the Kenwood House property. A dark alley welcome us, vaulted by trees, twisted and entagled forming archways and paved with dead leaves and spots of bluebells. After cooling ourselves along these alleys we finally came to the light, passing by a ornamental bridge accommodating a clear pond populated with lot of fish. The meadow spreading in front of us was neat and freshly landscaped and raw, highlighting the ivory house rising in front of you. Climbing the hill, just as you finish the stairs you will be blessed with the colourful bushes of rhododendrons and azaleas, peope with their picnic baskets, serene, jovial and smiling. After exhausting all the flowery pathways, I went into the house to explore the hidden gems there. A very helful and informative lady welcome us at the entrance asking whether we liked to see the house or to listen to the music concert. I preferred to visit the house especially they exhibit Rembrandt, Vermeer, British School and Sussex collection paintings. The interiors coated with stunning art collections were kept to their original times when owned by 1st Earl of Mansfield or adapted to the other owners, from 17th century to 1986 when the English Heritage took it over. It was a walk to remember. 

My other objective was Pergola and Hill Gardens, a heaven on earth. One storey pathway, covered by a wood pergola embellished by wisteria and jasmine. The interior gardens with the hard and soft landscape offered a unique view. The other side of the gardens offered another type of landscaped, vivid colours, a meadow around the reflecting pond and terraced alleys with flowers and plants. 


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