My wisteria hysteria

This time of the year is about wisteria. I am absolutely thrilled with the wisteria in blossom and hence trying to spot on places where this tree is growing with its abundance and all its splendour. I recently found a picture on Instagram mentioning Peckham Rye Park and showing a picture of the pathway below. Fortunately, I had the chance to visit it yesterday morning. It was breezy and a chill wind blew but it couldn’t stop me to take the overground and head to Peckham Rye. The strech of green meadow is huge, with Japonese Gardens, Sexby Garden, The Oval and the Lake. The weeping willows over the water, and the weeping wisteria over the alleys or solitary benches are going to confort you along the stroll you take in the park. 

Yesterday it was all about wisteria and the neighbourhood kept that tone as well. Getting out on the highstreet, we were searching for a urban vintage cafe shop to drink a hot cocoa accompanied by a nice home made pastry or pie. On my way I saw a white wisteria raining down upon the wall of an isolated house. We found a nice heated terrace with glass fence panels and wisteria curtains falling over. I opted for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, at the Clock House, as closure of my little wander on London’s Royal Parks. 


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