Spring break

I had a nice holiday in March, back at home, in Romania. A tourist in my country. I started my holiday by visiting a very dear city where I’ve got friends, where I lived and lots of memories, Timisoara.

I tried to revisit a few of spots that I’ve loved like Unirii Square, webbed by cafe bars and terraces on a sunny day, surtounded by the stunning buildings inherited from the Austro-Hungarians and Habsburgs that today still last and are refurbished. I had a classic breakfast in one if these bistros with vaulted ceileings and light painting. After then I celebrated my visit to Timisoara with my friend on a sunny terrace with a glass of prosecco. I tried to get tickets to the opera but there were no performances during my stay. 

Bega Canal River is hosting on both sides many restaurants and cafes where you can admire the weeping willows or the watersports lovers, in a quiet place in the busy city of the Western part of Romania. Or just sip a fresh lemonade with a portion of Romanian dumplings. My favorites are Flora restaurant, Terasa Gradina Banateana, Riviere Brasserie, D’Arc pe Mal or Porto Arte, a ship restaurant perfect for destinations for chilly weather and the best for a sunny weather. There are gas heathers for the outdoor spaces and sunbathed terraces when the weather treat us well. Of course one shouldn’t miss the late night indoor spaces with live music for everyone’s taste. I was blessed to be there back in 2013, it was a late summer in October and the nature was showcasing the best colours especially in mild honey tones. 

Back to my hometown I drove near to Luncani Valley, where my ancestors had their shelters in Orastie Mountains and Cioclovina Cave, leaving behind burried lots secrets. 

I went there to forage some nettles that I like the way my mother cook them, stew, broth they are so healthy as long as they are picked very young, baby leaves. 

I also climbed the hills with my dog and my father to look for other herbs for tea. The day was glorious, haven’t seen such a blue sky with no spot on for quite a while. One could still see the peeks of Retezat Mountains covered by snow. 

So peaceful and lovely, it was a real theraoy for soul, body and mind to go back to my roots. I still would have liked to go to a spa in one of the places I like, either UMT in Timisoara, Do Stil Wellness or somewhere in my county, Geoagiu, Hunedoara, Deva, Aqyaland or just drive to Mercure Hotel to Lancram, Alba Iulia. Then I would definitely would like to go to the opera to hear one of my favorite opera singer Mihaela Marcu. 


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