What I visit when I don’t go anywhere

I am an anxious person and restless so I do plans, I schedule and have a long visit/ see wish list.

I try to spot the hidden gems of London and also the best recommended sightseeings and landmarks. This habit leads me to read Time out London, Secret London and other travel destination sites. So I have discovered St Dunstan in the East little garden that kept the walls of the former church distroyed in the WWII. 

Now that spring has arrived, parks have become my main outdoor destination. It’s the most rewarding experience: senses are awaken with the most delightful floral scents, eyes are enchanted by the most striking, vivid or pastel colours, mind and soul are thanking for this indulgement in the nature.

Every weekend I spend one day in the middle of nature, visiting a park and a new neighbourhood. Last weekend I visited Horniman Museum’s gardens, Dulwich Village, East Dulwich and Dulwich Galery Museum’s Gardens. I was mesmerized by the American Gardens of the Dulwich park, the sunny terrace of the Museum, one of the best museum cafes. The highstreet of East Dulwich where I went for dinner really made me feel on holiday, looking for a nice restaurant to eat and just exploring possibilities for a nice dinner in a new place. 

Another iconic view during my wandering was the Horniman Museums terrace where you could witness a 3D picture, raising tall beyond the park, the houses in terraces and the Shard and Canary Wharf steel and glass buildings. 

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