Reconstruction of Eden

Ever since the banishment from Paradise,  from Neanderthal man to modern civilization, people are trying to reconstruct it. Moreover, once individuals attained to create their own Eden in their private spaces, their homes, systems managed to take it away so that they could re-sell it in exchange of money and time. If in the past centuries opera music and balls were held in one’s private house nowadays this sunken world is being revived in public institutions and provided to everyone for a certain price.
Spaces and time used to be at discretion and now they are considered luxury. Culture access has become more and more a priviledge. Retail shops and hospitality industry are selling to the large public a piece of one’s dreams, the ultimate products in terms of comfort provided by technology and services offered. Dreams come true and magic comes into our lives. Time gets another meaning and dimension. The illusion of Eden is planted in our minds. The dolce vita of past times is brought back. The lack of worry of Adam and Eve is sold for the price of a year’s work for just two weeks of illusions. Eden has transcended from truth to dream and from status quo to the perfect escapism from the everyday struggle for survival. Holidays are perfect times for Eden reconstruction. People needed to believe in something and they invented totemism before inventing religion. Now we want fairy tales  and invented occasions to celebrate, be merry and bring the perfect environmnent in our houses and lives. Aesthetically speaking, mankind needs beauty to endure the ugliness of live. It invented art to celebrate and salute perfection. Eden is back into our lives through different aspects. It was stolen to be given gradually and portioned in order to be an ongoing lust. Once we had it all and didn’t know how to be grateful for it. We wasted it for cheap thrills. Then decadence followed, occasion to lock it away and re-invent it for later, another concept Paradise, expensive and never to be taken for granted, never to become a possesion but always to be a pupose in life.
In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde envisages that the jewels once were visible on allegorical beasts heads and worn later by proeminent characters of the history in abundence. He exclaims: “How exquisite life once been! How gorgeous in its pomp and decoration!  Even to read of the luxury of dead was wonderful.” What has happened to these visible and touchable wealthy lives? Are they locked somewhere? What’s in store for us in terms of Eden? Bad news is that we are no longer free and in possession of our precious time and wealth. It’s just an illusion. Everything has become an illusion. We are in a continuous search for the absolute truth, perfection and beauty. They have been taken away since the original sin and given only to the ones that are restless to find them paying the price of never ending quest.


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