Many of us debark on Regent and Oxford Street when we wander around central London for shopping or luxury adventures.

Sometimes the straight line won’t take you too far.

It’s been a very nice surprise to find that Time Out London approached the same subject for the theme of this week’s issue although my walking and thoughts about writing about the Conduit Street were starting last week, but what a synchronicity! This issue of Time Out is dedicated to the little streets of London, new iconic places, including Conduit Street.

If you deviate the journey to your left or right way you could discover little streets that reveal to you hidden gems of the elegant neighbourhood you find yourself in. Conduit Street is perpendicular on Regent Street and every little shop that you walk into on your wanders is offering you new experiences.

East India Company luxury shop, you’ll find in there a whole world, stories about teas, jams, coffees and fine spices. First Romance, Heart of Persia are offering to the sense taste exquisite flavours. The art of tea serving ceremony is implied by the presence of the Asian tea sets and accessories and more modern mugs but still in the atmosphere of the Asian motifs kept all over the shop.

The Sketch Bar is a unique experience for the Afternoon Tea. I chose an Afternoon Cream in the idyllic interior décor of the Glade Room. The Gallery Room is a restaurant that reminds you of a museum rather than a space of dining. The rest rooms, the wow factor with the white capsules and colourful glass domed ceiling are a space to be visited as well. I expressed my joy of having stepped in this institution of fine dining and decors and the hostess gladly pointed me another two rooms to let your senses dip in, Michelin star restaurant and a front window bar to have drinks in the evening.

Next stop is Vivienne Westwood’s shop that I wanted to visit for a long time. By the courtesy of the sales assistants I tried a suit made of a skirt and blazer, classic and sexy a little bit overpriced for me. I promised myself I’d come back at sales. I met there a lady that was collecting items of VW who explained to me that I should forget about the price and buy because VW’s collections is like an art investment and that I could always sell them at the same price I bought them. Indeed, the daring clothes were inviting you into another world, a bit quirky and extravagant using atypical patterns but perfectly tailored on the body shape.

I am a lover of fine arts, objects, places, food and beverage in a word lifestyle.

There are some other ideas for gourmands like me for casual venues but tasty food.

Cocktails and king prawns pasta at TGI Fridays in Westfield Stratford

Thai cuisine at Busaba Eathai


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