How to be omniscient and win – Can’t take anymore advice

20160131_15030320160131_150237Following and browsing so many materials about the personal development and research for different interests I’ve got left me drained out struggling with a depression. I didn’t allow myself time to digest and organize my thoughts. The chemical imbalance and lack of serotonin led me to a miserable condition.
How to deal and filter so much information that we are daily bombed with?
I’m sure this will raise lots of eyebrows but in the quest of self-sufficiency and transformation we are lured with so many proposals from gurus of the success lifestyles via aggressive e-mails, newsletters and posts that trap us only by opening them. This is an aggressive form of brainwashing. Do this, act now, start now! We all have our pace but also dreams. Having as common factor the success in life and many figures income these invasive pleas are shaking you from the core especially if you’ve got a passive lifestyle so far. They are welcome up to a certain extent. The more you follow the more harmful they are especially if they interefer with your expectations and result are not visible. Do not follow and read more than one if you really like what they are advocating. Digest, write, make your own notes, adapt and don’t take their programme strictly. Allow yourself to be lazy, indulge and be friendly with your lifestyle.
Act but don’t listen to the forms of critique they are launching. Indeed, you need to act but not over act. Make 2-3 steps and take one thing at a time. You really need to take your own pulse and rest. See how you feel and how you fit the information and the new activities, actions onto your life.
As we anyway are very busy with commuting, working, household activities, we don’t need to be aggressive with ourselves in taking decisions that don’t come from within or inner beliefs will tear us apart.
What I want to say is that if intake information you need to let out in universe an outcome that is a conclusion of your inner self, let go of the old and integrated new signals. Time allows you to sediment what you need and exhale what is abundant and needs to be released.
The rat race routine is overwhelming when mixed with abrupt changes.
The news absorption, opportunities grabbing, present state is more becomes painful if the flow is not two ways but only one ways and the dynamic of the relation intake – release in not balanced. Putting only pressure and not releasing the surplus, sometimes this being equivalent with inspiration, dreams and thoughts, creativity that are outsourced by the information absorbed will only cause struggle and pain. The duality of the information and act of creation will make you grow and expand. This is a law of nature. You need to let it happen otherwise you’ll be the victim of your own quests. Go with the flow once again and give yourself time and space to create what actually lies with in you. Creation and launching onto the universe after digesting the information that comes to you. Reformulate, rephrase, side think, re-interpret, add a touch of yourself and let it see the light.
I’ve got a friend who after she found out that I’m dressed started to advise me what to do, what to eat, what to plan next, how to action. Basically how to step onto her pathway to a successful life. What to consume and how to think. Hell, I can’t take anymore advise. This is not being supportive, this mean being invasive and aggressive and someone said giving advise is a vice. Have I mentioned she’s not working because she would vomit if she went to work but is on her boyfriend’s back, manipulating the hell out of him to go on the right direction and work to earn the money that make her plan the life she thinks is right. She consumes and he produces. I can’t keep up with her consumerism, run from one place to the other just for the sake of spending the spare time doing (passively) something. I tried to explain that only by consuming where are you positioned in relation to creation? What are you creating out there? How much is too much? Information is everywhere. Can we handle it? What can we do with it? Are we ready for that much? How can we protect ourselves from the invasion of those bits of informational impulses onto our life? How to de-connect when too much connecting? Breath in – breath out. Just filter and detach of the surplus. When connecting to you has begun to be difficult just de-connect all the outsiders. By the way, my depression is gone. I took some steps in the meantime and drain myself to death but I’ve taken a slightly different daily path now. I’m more in the move, go to the gym, and don’t spend so much time online, read novels, started to write e-mail in order to get directions for applying for a master programme and also self-referred for counselling. At the end of the day we only can pick up from the ocean of opportunities based on our needs. Who says what we need? Society? Consumerism? Market? Stop. Enough with dissecting the world. Just be you, genuine and natural. You’ll never fail.


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