Clissold Park

When I visit a new place, I like to discover a few places in that neighbourhood in order to take its pulse.
Mainly I’m interested in the architecture, the parks, culture, markets, local shops. I don’t know why but in order to celebrate my visit there I usually buy a book. Sometimes I spend 1-2 hours in the book shops and just browse new titles or vintage ones that I remember having read or heard of. They wink at me from the prefaces, the paragraphs I skimm and scan. Museums, art galeries have a huge amount of books, specialty ones, modern writing, all the new appearances.
Today I’ve visited Clissold Park and the adjiacent streets of Canonbury. Lovely park with lakes, Clissold house, once called Richmond House as it reminds of Kew Garden’s House. This is off the record information from a local artist that I met in the gallery where I popped in for a while.
The indie artists reveiled collections of Frieda Kahlo interpretation as young girl on mixed media or fabric, paint made by Allie Lee. Then my new friend, Alex Saunderson that reminded me of Frank Auerbach. Both paint the community where they live, Mornington Crescent vs Canonbury. The colours warm to striking, orange, tangerine, red, red brick, yellow. Alex paints pastels, watercolours, places like Clissold Park, St Mary Church and art cards, art prints after the originals. I wished him that one day he exhibits near Frank. He blessed me. I encouraged him to paint landscapes more than sketches. More rewarding. This time my visit on that neighbouhood was celebrated with the three art cards that I bought from Alex as sign of my appreciation.


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