Herculane, a bliss

How can I explain the emotions I feel in a place with such a historical meaning? It dates back on Roman times, the sophisticated Romans, experts in setting-out public baths everywhere they put their feet on. Amazing architecture that remains from the Austrian Emperess Sissi, Regency times embroideries of the pavillions.

She used to visit this resort and placed it among her favourites. All surrounded by a natural reserve, green forests and white peeks of mountains. The cristal clear river meets the open air baths with thermal waters.

Comunism times, another hey days of the resort, built imposant hotels to face the mountain that raises on both sides. But nowadays the place remained anchored in those time. Nostalgics can live a remebrance of those times here. Nothing has been changed except what time did to the buildings. Facades erosion, obsolete furniture and fit-out. There is a bright side, the freedom to use the natural resources that if an investor would buy and develop the resort, people wouldn’t use anything for free but for lots of money, see other thermal spa resorts across the world. Venera baths, sulphur and mineral waters, the waters nearby Roman hotel, iode and sulphur, two other sulphur hot waters in natural state under the bridge and so called small bath tubs. Mineral thermal springs for eyes and digestive system, along the border of Cerna River. Hotel Roman benefits of both types of mineral waters and can be enjoyed in the nowadays spa pools which date back on Roman times. The museum at the base of the hotel accommodates a few replicas of the amphoras found on the site, a basorelief of Hercules in original along with other artefacts, two sulphur pools and an architectural decor kept from those ancient times. The main indoors swimming pool with iode and mineral thermal water are surrounded by mosaic represantations of a peacock, faces, medusas. The scenery is amazing, mountain wall like a dinosaur stepping on the vegetation made out of tall trees like guardians of the valley of gods.


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