Paper eyebrows

I remember back into my teenagehood, when my mother introduced me to my first sessions of beauty. Face treatments, eyebrows tweezing and tinting were taken care by the only beautician in the provincial town where I lived. It was in comunism times and we were provided with everything in limited quantities but at very affordable prices. We were enjoying our time, peacefully crafted with domestic and leisure activities. The beautician was always in late and worked till midnight when the clientele was too numerous. Most of the times was.
It was a simple procedure shop hence I didn’t have too many demands, just reshaping and tinting and also not so much knowledge about this cutting – edge section of the beauty industry of nowadays.
I was very astonished when hearing about a middle aged lady and her eyebrow paper drawing. She was very well known for her fussiness of her eyebrows. We all were raising our eybrows when hearing about her demands especially that she was coming with an eyebrow drawn on a piece of paper and would require for the exact pattern to be reflected on her face.
Thinking about those times I ask myself when have we all become that woman? When did we all decide that we want to be the ultimate architects, and art and perfection take part of our daily rituals. Make-up has also become a state of art, sensasional effects results techniques being used for daily appearances which can cover almost any flaw.
I know that today I’ve become a woman that knows exactly what she wants in terms her eybrows. Although I’m fair skin I want them tinted in black, my pigment matches very well the black colour instead of making a discrepancy. I also like them arched and could definitely go to my beautician with the picture of the perfect eyebrow that I’m requesting for.


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