Every inch of London

20160826_085503London’s East End scenery is not only about concrete, glass and steel iconic buildings. East London also jams of parks and woodlands. Nature is the best landscapist in areas such as: Stradford, Mile End, Walthamstow, Hackney. Every season, London is changing here the decor wrapping around its shoulders with flower gardens and arboretum of the parks are delighting the eye of the promenaders with the nature’s palette of colours. From spring to autumn the city mantles are unveiled in the light of the sun. Discovering a place is about you.

20160911_085639Victoria Park it’s a huge park, with a beautiful pond to row in a sunny crisp afternoon, reflecting the clear sky among the floating autumnal leaves. I even dare to say it also brings features of Kew Gardens and Hyde Park with a cafe bar on the board of the lake, an Asian pagoda style replica and amazingly various flora and fauna. Kew Gardens, the botanical garden of London placed in a very stylish neighbourhood with the same name. Houses are reflecting genuine British architecture. The front sides are vividly painted, ivory streches along the walls, and the doors are induvidual parts of the house identity. You just can’t get enough of the local stores, pubs and historical B&B inns. Each of them tells you a story. Either for a slice of pie, afternoon tea, Sunday roast, a steak or just for a pint beer, you don’t know where to sit down. Kew Garden is home to UK replica of amazonian jungle with giant water lilies, countryside cottage and woodlands, ponds, orageries with cactuses or luxuriant vegetation.

Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, the East End’s biggest park righ at the very the heart of Olympic Village. Canals, meadows, a cafe bar and alleys for walking.

Greewich accomodates wildlife as well as The Royal Observatory and the Maritime Royal Museum. Beautiful flowers gardens, alleys and a huge meadow for sun bathing and picnics.

Lea Valley canal along Homerton, part of River Lea Navigation is mooring place for the narrow boats. Place for running, cycling, rowing in weekend days. It’s an absolute regal to watch the narrow boats at sunset on the canal. If you walk a little bit deeper into the woods you may discover The Middlesex Filter Beds Reservoirs, secluded between the marshes and the canal, a quiet green oasis.


20160903_115336.jpgSt Augustine Tower’s in Hackney Central, a walking alley through the park from the church yard of St John’s Church Gardens among the tombstones up to the main street. It’s a source of peace, shadow and green on a torrid summer day.

Hackney Marshes is very popular for football every Sanday morning. It’said that this strech of land used to be all marshes that had been filled up with the disposal materials of the buildings left after the war bombardements.

One my favorite due to its location is London Fields right next to the Broadway Market. A hectic place in the very heart of Hackney, not entirely neutralized by the gentrification process. Still full of indie stores, pubs, shops and cafe bars you can dine alfrescos. The locals are hipsters, a category of professionals mixed up with the communities of different ethnicities. Art, book shops and food are really worth to be discovered in this neighbourhood.

20160911_082228.jpgWest Ham Park is an escape place for Forest Gate inhabitants has a rose garden, aloe vera, evergreen trees. It’s inviting for all kind of outdoor activities either sports, walking or just lying down on the grassland.


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