The Universe of the objects

​Objects can reaveal a whole century. No life but so lively. Colours, time touch, meaning, place in time. A tiny merry go round found in a flea market make you ask yourself What’s its story? When was it manufactured? Who did it belong to? When does it date from? What was the trait of that time? Do I need it? Where shall I integrate it in my house? What does it remind me of? Why do I Iike this object and not another? Why do I prefer it over another one? Is  it about me more than about that thing? What afinities do I have with it? What feeling, memories, joy awakens in me? How my mind is reacting when I see it? What judgements is uncounsiously making? What holds us back in there and make us revive and relive, bring back about it? Is it about evolving or holding back, stagnating? What is it really that is being evoked by this object in my mind? What does it remind me of? 

Vintage clothes, books, tableware, silver cuttlery, English dessert dishes, prints, old magazines, paintings, badges, shoes, tools, dolls, toys that we find them in a fleat market are not about saving money, but about having the satisfaction of bargaining, the value for money, the preservance of things, the sustainability of fashion, being against consumerism, old times melancholia, cherishing moments, old days, unique and one of a kind objects, history, tradition, memories. 

I love rummaging on a Sunday morning carboots sale for things that inspire me. I might need them but sometimes just imagining the final clean product, projecting and vizualizing it into my house it will suffice me. Even if you buy or not it gives you ideas about other objects or just might temper your hunger for new things and don’t let you lured by the magic of the stores. The urge for new or change can be tempered by just rummaging which is very therapeutical, change of energies, innocent activity that improves your mood and might even end up by not spending any penny. 

I pick up any occasion to find an object, a product, to search and document it, to make an adventure or a little trip, a story. For example, I discovered the use and benefits of the Apple Cider Vinegar. Bought one from Tesco’s but now I’m thinking to dig it deeper and go for more organic product and search it in a producer’s store, like in a small town’s one so it’s time to discover the English countryside village.

Anytime one of my colleague talks so proudly about his time spent in the garden, what he has DIY-ed in his house, the harvest of the figues in Suffolk where he owns a cottage or other home related stories I feel melancholical and remember my house back home with all my stuff and long for them all. 


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