Santorini, a bliss

iriniiLiving on an 87 square metres island can be very tight but when it comes to Santorini there is a lot to discover.

Drenched by the Aegean Sea, the nowadays volcanic remains of a once upon a time circular island, makes you want to follow Ariadne’s thread deep into the foamy waves. They seem to invite you to dive in, luring you to abandon yourself in the chilly water that mirrors the sky and the shiny black lava sand of Perivolos Beach, pulling you in the open sea, like a real guardian of the well – kept secret of Atlántida. The enigma dates back thousands of years, when the volcano erupted and provoked an earthquake which formed big waves, a tsunami, sweeping away the Minoan civilization in Crete and the life on Santorini. It’s dormant and a walking destination for the holiday makers on the burnt, black sterile lava hills of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.

Akrotiri, Amoudi Bay, Fira, Firostfani, Imerovigli, Kamari, Megalohori, Oia, Pyrgos, the jewelleries of the island, each one has beauties and attractions to reveal to the connoisseurs. Buildings dating from Venetian times, de-luxe gourmet restaurants with stunning view over the caldera, picturesque taverns serving traditional Santorini food and fish dishes, boutique hotels whitewashed with blue Aegean shutters, built in style, cascading in terraces along the spectacular cliff side, above the caldera and embellished by the striking bougainvillea.

Akrotiri dwells the archaeological site and the Red beach. Ammoudi Bay invites you for lazy afternoons splashed with ouzo, local wine from the vineyards Antoniou, Visanto or for a rose Lazaridis along with a lobster, a fresh red mullet or an octopus salad and various sea food, seashells, oysters, etc. Fava, koukouvagia, speties, stuffed peppers or tomatoes are real delicacies on any season, dining alfresco or indoor taverns.

Amoudi Bay, the limani where fishing boats bring home their catch of the day waiting to be unloaded directly onto the traditional taverns along the shore.

Koukoumavlou, Selini, 1800, Sea Side by Notos, Dimtris tavern are just a few of the most recommended restaurants of the island.

The stone-paved narrow streets lead to the cliff side caldera view, the most spectacular, breath-taking of the sceneries I’ve ever seen. Again you feel like diving into the blue of sea, 400 m down, lured by the twinkling waves of the afternoon red-yellow light of the heat, in the most dramatic sunsets you can see in Imerovigli or Oia, from the terrace of a windmill café, provided that you booked your place under the sun.

Skaros Rock, an extension like a small mountain, linked by the island through a pathway that starts at the top of the cliff at Astra Apartments and Suites in Imerovigli, was accommodating a castle and around 200 houses on medieval times, once was also the capital of Santorini.

International and Greek glamourous lifestyle is being showed off here along with artists and poets retreats that are spending the summer praising the beauty of the island on their writings, odes and songs.

Art space wine gallery, visits and wine tasting and vineyards tours at Antoniou, Santo and Visanto Boutari wineries is one of the blisses offered by the island and Bacchus.

The itinerary will take you to café Enigma, Pelekanos, Café del Mar, Enigma club, Koo Club, Perissa and Perivolos beaches, Pyrgos and Megalochori taverns on the beach. Nightlife on the island has a lot to offer, fantastic view of the island by night, lit out by the starry lights of houses and every form of settlements to posh and concept clubs playing the most in and recent music of the moment.


Art is at its best in the small galleries from Oia, Fira and Kamari.

Santorini is inspiration and lifestyle, travel and creativity, wellbeing, health and food, nature and architecture.


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