Best and worst culinary experience on a casual going-out

London’s gastronomy is various, as various as many ethnicities it accommodates.

Mexican, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, English, Polish, Hungarian? You name London’s eating it. This doesn’t mean it’ll be an easy job to pop in in the right venue. Search, google, ask for a friend’s opinion, check, book or just walk in. Picking the right location and restaurant according to your tastes in terms of food, location, value for money is a difficult task and you can easily blow it up.

It happened so many times to me since I’ve moved to London that I’ve given up trying to go out for a nice meal.

But the worst of all experiences was last week when both I and my boyfriend felt like having a glass of wine and some dessert, alfresco, central London but in the same time far from the Saturday evening madding crowd. We checked the terraces behind the Odeon cinema and just went with the flow and sat down in an Italian restaurant. We didn’t have too many choices and just order what they had in the wine and dessert menus. A glass of rose and a soufflé for me. The wine, a spicy taste more than a fruity one and the soufflé was from another film. The crust was old, warmish with some whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream. Terrible money for value, far too expensive, more than a cake in Harrods or a glass of wine in a posh club.

Conclusion, just avoid any type of unknown restaurant in a touristic place!

What surprised me in a pleasant way was a restaurant in a mall shopping centre, Las Iguanas. I’m not very keen on these kind of venues but turned out to be an excellent choice. Not mine, my friend’s one. The food was delicious, especially the gambas tapas. And the drinks so moreish. The Freixenet cocktails, the shots mixing cacao and lime, cinnamon, tequila, whiskey cream… so luring, just perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

Sometimes trends are to be followed. Chains offer you exquisite flavours, their experience and expertise to the market. They confirm a public demand and this particular one proves it in London and other cities. 


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  1. dianabotorea says:

    În Aprilie am fost în Londra într-o excursie. Am mers cu autocarul și drumul a fost foarte obositor, am mai stat si în Praga 2 zile și fiind într-o excursie organizată nu știam unde oprim să mâncăm. Într-o mică pauză de mâncare am decis să mănânc o ciorbă ca îmi era dor… nu am avut nici o șansă. Duoa ce am căutat un loc unde avea asa ceva singurul pe care găsit servea ciorba intr-o cutie de carton da’ numai ciorbă nu era aia. Pentru felul doi mi-am luat o shaorma, deja visam la cât de bună o sa fie și era practică dacă se termina pauza puteam să o iau cu mine si să termin pe drum.. Nu știu dacă am luat 2 mușcături și am lăsat-o acolo, mă uitam la ea și credeam ca oamenii aia își bat joc de mine. Efectiv am crezut ca au mers in curte, au smuls iarbă de pe jos și mi-au bagat-o mie in shaorma. Nu stiu câte lite a fost dar știu ca totalul la ce am mâncat era aproximativ 60 de lei . Îmi venea să le bag bonul pe gât, cu banii ăștia mancam de ma saturam și îmi mai rămânea. Oricum toată săptămâna cat am fost acolo nu pot sa zic ca am mâncat ceva delicios… Am venit flamandă si fără bani acasă 😂


    1. Same here :-).Noi avem alte gusturi in ale mancarii iar Londra se lasa mai greu descoperita. E nevoie de timp sa experimentezi ca apoi sa alegi ce iti place.

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