ABC tools of personal growth

Cleansing your DNA seems an impossible process but if you really try it you can change your interior world and let go of the demons that populate it.

Intuition and feelings led me to the path of personal developpment and started to read books about co-dependence that revealed some truths about my subconscient that I was only guessing something was not right. My guidance was a Romanian blogger, Andreea Papp and her page Stilul tau, then books like Women who love too much by Robin Norwood, Co-dependent no more Melody Beattie, ….Romanian feminist literature Alice Nastase Buciuta and Aurora Liiceanu ….that were my awakening and started to give me hints to re-assess myself, my relationships and the grounds of my beliefs. What you are told by your family, acquaintances and friends is not the ultimate truth and you have to take out to the surface your reasoning. No filter, no fear, no victimization, no guilty feelings. These are the enemies of self-being, all the belittlements passed to you from ancestors. Shake the shield and let your real armour shine. Find out who you are, who you would like to be, become and achieve it. Take risks. Every wish that lingers  into your mind is a potential action that leads you to a change. Change is the only way we grow. Do not avoid it and procrastinate it. It diminishes your energy and produces waste.
My landing to London introduced me to my fears, weaknesses and fragile self. My boyfriend didn’t see me, listen, communicate, didn’t want to go out with me, behaved like I was the biggest enemy. He would pay attention to anyone and listen to their opinion, follow the crowd but to me. This poisoned me, I was crying and took in weight not from eating but from emotional storage of unwanted thoughts, depression and overthinking. In 2015, March I discovered Sidra and started to read her articles and follow her webinar sessions, her guided meditations and hypnosis. I even attended one of her workshop live events in London, the Awakening. Very poweful meditations, every Thursday evening, changed my life, although a few days I felt confused and dizzy, happy days followed. I saw the mud of the subcounscient level, had visions and started to clean through vizualisation my thoughts helped by Sidra’s tools. Then, last year I discovered Mind and followed 3 courses that were my revelation and help me recover from the painful meeting with myself. I broke up with my boyfriend, found another cocaine like love addiction, another manipulator that submitts me through sex, uses me and make me search comfort in my ex’s arms. Went back and ask him to move back together, this time only the two if us, not shared flats anymore. Almost 2 years to convince him see some values I treasured. This year I discovered hypnosis. I really feel great and keep on working on all the aspects of my life, exercise, learn, read, grow, invest in myself. I wish it were a receipy that we can follow strictly and ensure our successful transformation but we are different, the Univers is sending us the information and the energy we need if we let it. Whe  the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives. When I realized I’m not feeling good about myself and depressed didn’t know where to start, went to a psychiatrist which told me it’s about the poor and bad education and advised me to stop comparing myself with other people and prescribed me medication for three months. I wish someone told me what to do, which are the tools and steps to let go and not feel the pain. I can tell you after so many years of stumbling and darkness I no longef feel the pain when I wake up in the morning. The exterior world reflects you. What you are looking for is looking for you. You are what you think. We are our thoughts. A big tool for overthinking and cleansing our mind in the morning in order to start a fresh, free and clear space is to write, every morning, everh day, first think is to just let it go in writing, the first things that come to your mind. Keep a diary, 3 pages every morning. Then, even if you are not an artist, create, craft, do some DYI, something to combine creation and work, draw, paint, art is Therapeutical. You will feel better to express youself. You need to let out the projects inside you. To communicate. A space of your own will help you to feel better too, an altar, a private area where you can create and arrange it as you please, for reading, creating, drawing, meditating, yoga, mindfulness practising. Yoga and mindfulness are two important tools against depression. High vibrations are important. Don’t hang around with people that like procrastinating, victimize, complain, don’t act, question too much other’s lives, talk about others, make you feel low and take, waste your energy. Think big. Great ideas, actions, plans.

Other great tool to visualize is to create a montage, collage of prints, cutts of magazines that inspire you, like you and put them together on a wall so that you can see it. Change it every three months.

Sport is important, wild nature meeting, art, dance. Stop abusing substances and take good care of your body, mind and soul. Prayers are strong and help a lot. Friends are important, socializing but can be harmful when you are vulnerable and cause you slowing down the process, bring negative energies into you transformation process. Long walks and visiting places like museums are helping a lot. Write down, don’t rumminate. This way you’ll find out you are not only healing but improving your logic, way of reasoning, assessing yourself, have records of your encounterings and your writing style. It’ll become lifestyle.


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