Truth behind profession

Who are we in our life? Are we defined by the roles at home and at work?

Are we defined by our skills? By our traits of character?

How do we balance and nurture the resources required in both our personal and professional life? Even though we speak about two separate lives physically it’s about only one person and life that is driven by the same intellect and skills.

However, we are so different at home vs. work. We fail in one and succeed in the other.

We cannot run them the same. Skills are applicable, transferable and adjustable and still we fail to approach them at the same intensity, clarity and vision or sometimes we choose our career path to emphasize or hide traits from our personal life.

If we are in control at work we need to be submissive, more relaxed at home and vice versa? If we are in the shadow of a boss we try to claim our territory at home. If we lead at home and put effort onto the relationship we have at home we find it difficult to take ownership at work and look for low profile jobs.

Can we be successful on both aspects without burning out ourselves? When it comes to relationships, it is on obvious unconscious trend to find our match in accordance with our missing skills. If we are in a continuous run, anxious, restless feet we then attract the relaxed, laid back type of partner, although at first sight it irritates the hell of us. Emotional intelligence is sometimes not as developed as intellectual intelligence. When these go hand in hand, then it’s a successful way of leading a life. Being, thinking and doing as one. When mind, heart and actions are not in agreement then we struggle through life. Challenge vs. comfort. What do we choose? We fight for comfort to destroy it after for the sake of challenge. Once we reach self- sufficiency level we then self-sabotage in order to bring change onto our lives because change is a constant of life.


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