Successful Learning

My written expression university course professor proved to be the most efficient of the other professors in explaining classes as I ended up by remembering the lessons and being able even now at a mature age, after 18 years, to identify and describe the main traits of the argumentative text.

A TV person used to say during his shows that culture is what you remember when forgot everything that you learnt.

My academic professor presented the course by passing us newspaper cut articles which highlighted all the specific techniques when writing an argumentative text. So, in the introduction paragraph one may write the statement thesis and then substantiate it using different procedures in a few paragraphs relating to personal experience, trustworthy opinion, quoting reference sources, the utility of the problematics approached, counterarguments, opinions also using specific structures such as I consider that, because, emphatic lexical structures and connectors suggesting succession, continuity, contrast, hierarchizing, comparison, probability, conclusion.

The truth is it’s been a sort of Proustian madeleine effect on myself when I think about the atmosphere of the classes back then and hear about argumentative text and the process of learning. To conclude, I was able to pass that exam with flying colours and even to remember about a particular text whose subject is a total blasphemy for the health, but the author convinces scientifically about the nicotine being helpful to the brain cells activity. This doesn’t mean we don’t have to start smoking as the quantity needed for the cell to be activated is very small.

I strongly believe that words are magic and if carefully chosen they can persuade or on the contrary, instigate people if when facing dystopian subjects, they can sell the most unsellable products, start wars and heal souls, make you remember for a lifetime what you learnt when you have everything forgotten.


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