A piece of London through the looking glass of canvas

Set up in the heart of Tate Britain Museum, the location of the exhibition wants to isolate the paintings of Frank Auerbach.

I have read about Frank Auerbarch after my visit to the exhibition in order not to influence my thought and prejudice. I wanted to see his art through my unexperienced eyes.

His work is vivid and reflects the local colour of Mornington Crescent where he has his studio. For me the rampant gentrification and the art community has stamped the mark on zone 2 boroughs of London where artists raised among the indigene population way too long before the real estate development brought the areas into the loop. Street conflicts, statement characters and parts of days are his favourite revealing.

Orange, yellow and brown are dominant colours of his canvas and his unique technique of painting are really expressing the tumultuous life of Camden Town borough, bits of statement of the street life, an artistic point of view of a morning from his studio window and different faces that he dedicated drawings to.

Head of William Fever painting has been used as the marketing poster of the exhibition. For me it was enough to have a very strong visual impact, like a summer day screaming sunset, when I first saw it on advertised on an underground platform. Can I make a reference to the Scream of Edward Munch? Or the world of Francis Bacon, Freud Lucien is more like his universe?

His Studio Street, JYM, Winter Evenings, Primrose Hills, and Hampstead Heath Road High Summer, Mornington Crescent, reclining figures are themes of his paintings and they are represented under different point of view, angles and studies.

His technique of painting is unique. Strong geometrical lines, 3D like heavy layers of acrylic paint expressing gloomy atmosphere and characters, and sometimes light watercolours.

Frank Auerbach, this contemporary modern art painter has definitely opened my appetite for art and the background of the artists’ life in London. Where did they come from and what have they expressed to the large public? What inner world are they trying to show us? What is it more beyond the boundaries canvas?

Many a line have been written about his work, my purpose was to express with simplicity and ingenuous eyes my ideas about an exhibition that is from far a milestone in London’s artistic life.

Last summer I shortly saw the exhibition of Broth Art, in Hackney Central, The Local Shop venue, a Norwegian painter, whose painting Sugar Coated Love I instantly fall for it. The veil suggested theme was my veil I had and felt over my senses and my thinking all last summer. The pale colours but very feminine like salmon pink, cloud blue were my mind’s colours. No wonder I found myself in it the minute I saw it.


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