Meditation and Drawing as Therapy


I am not an artist, although I appreciate any attempt of art or consecrated art.

Lately, I have attended some courses through MIND, destined to people with mental issues, either there are serious or might become if not treated at early stages: Mindfulness and Yoga and now the Art of Breathing which through meditation and breathing you put down on your drawing your feelings and creativity. I find it very therapeutic. It doesn’t have to be art to others but it could be art to you. Breathing helps you go deeper into your senses and visualize colors, images; open yourself to the world within you and bring it to surface. The more you open yourself the more you release yourself to the universe.

One of my biggest fears has been public speaking, expressing freely ideas, to the others, my speech has been inexistent, people didn’t hear me, my words haven’t been the most expressing, my voice was timid and low, the words not articulated, the intonation very flat. Mind encouraged talking, expressing feelings and thoughts. I’ve started to talk to people, to approach them without showing timidity or fear of being judged. Even if my chattering monkey has been there I can make her quiet on my mind.

I have always been poor at drawing…my 37 year old drawing is as an 11 year old pupil. My line manager initiated a drawing show in our catching up sessions on Mondays. I drew what I had on my mind on that day: the Major’s Show, Paris attacks, Marianne, the symbol of France wearing a burka, poppy fields, British cavalry uniform, sky color before tornado. It was a poor attempt water pastels tools on a piece of paper but I proudly showed it. I was encouraged to keep on trying even if I were so far away of any form of art.

Regardless the encouragements, I felt so relieved. My drawing is childish and so basic but I feel so good opening my unconsciousness to me and bringing up my deepest memory, visuals, thoughts or spontaneous thinking.

The journey to Studio Upstairs is pleasant because you discover hidden places of London that dwell community art and culture, Dalston Kingsland is one of my favorite Hackney venue because of the vibrant sensation, afro community, food, market, art, so lively and in the same time with deep and dark roots into other worlds that this de-rooting caused so many alienation problems.


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