Seasonal Shopping

This year I’ve gotten so enthusiastic about Christmas cards, thing that I haven’t experienced for 20 years.

Friday evening I went to mall and decided to kill my time wandering through the shops waiting for my partner to show up in order to go to our regular pub drink. I ended up on a card shop in complete blast, glazing at the cards for 2 hours. There were cards covering all the events of a life, seasons, dear persons and occasions in a festive, glam deco, simple, friendly, funny, sympathetic or emotional way. Brits still like cards. Gifts such objects of no value or importance are being replaced with cards that could express the feelings and appreciation for that person and still show your generosity because depending on the graph and elegance of the cards, they can go up to £8 each.

Who knew the different brands of cards or that they are at their best on Clintons and John Lewis dedicate a department for this trade?

Brits like brands and they brand everything they touch: their grass into parks, cards, hosiery, the underground symbol, their landmarks, the monarchy, their heritage, history, national reserves, weather, umbrellas, London, trench coats, tweed style wear, their typical villages, Sunday roast Pimm’s, pubs, traditional cabs, the British red, the telephone booth, the poppy, charity, etc.


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