Living on a boat in the big city





Boats are not necessarily luxury nowadays but also have become a way of living.
I was very surprised to discover on a hazy spring day the life on London’s canal. People enjoy life in nature by boat in the very heart of the big city.
This brings a spot of colour for the neighbourhood and a cheaper rent to the dwellers.
Boats are no longer synonymous with the adventurous spirit on sea but with a permanent accommodation for active individuals.
It is a superb view to have the banks of the canal Trust River or Paddington’s Little Venice at dawn or sunset and to have a glass of wine on the roof top of your boat while sailing down for new moorings.
These boats are comfortable, spacious and you benefit of all utilities a normal house offers you.
Inconvinients are represented by the  permits to be obtained from the local authorities to become a resident. As in any community, there are rules and laws to be obeyed. Also power sources, gas, drinkable water and running water may be less available then in a normal ground house or flat.

Neighbourhoods like Paddington, Moorgate, Farringdon, etc. that are privileged to host the canals with their narrowboats become a touristic attraction very appreciated to spend on a sunny day.


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