Just a Few Greek Dishes

Every culture has its specific cuisine that in the end may have the same main ingredients but the approach of cooking and the spices make it so different according to the climate, religion, lifestyle …needs. Mediterranean cuisine is in my opinion the best thanks to the light and healthy food provided made of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, herbs that other counties wouldn’t have thought to use them for cooking like for example, xorta vrasti any green leaves, vlita or amaranth. The feta cheese accompany any starter from its classic form on a plate, in salads, greed salad, or with raisins, grapes or some other chic serving French inspired. The sea food like axinosalata, sea urchin in the very natural state, octopus grilled, baby squid fried, barbouni sxaras, fresh or just vrasto shrimps or cocktail,  or garides saganaki, the best dish abundant with sause of cheese and tomatoes on the oven. Xoriatiki, koukouvaia or dakos made of paximadi, barley rusks, and fava (a paste made of cornflower with chopped onion and olive oil on top). Kokoretsi, laxanodolmades, and escargots in vinegar or with tomatoes sauce, giouvetsi or orzo pasta, astakomakaronada (pasta with lobster) are just a few dishes that no matter where you will eat them, mainly in taverns, you will remember their flavours for ever. This is Greek cuisine. Unforgettable.  This depends also on the island you are, there are some specific dishes to each island but this does not mean you will not find them on other island.


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