Wind of change

People stay in relationships from different reason, but for love, sometimes.

You find someone that you think perfectly matches to your standards, or if she/he doesn’t do it 100%, you just fall for the potential. Anyway, in a short while one is just being lazy and becomes comfortable in that relation while the other struggles, but struggles with fulfilling the voids the other is ignoring: indolence, lack of compatibility, indifference, disappointment, just too blind to see the needs of the person next to him/ her and of course the relation starts to drift away.

Why are we then still there? Cowardliness, a degree of moral, physical and tender comfort! So, not enough brave to face yourself! Because the person that creates these frustrations mirrors the inner self.

Tired of being ignored by the your partner? Fed up with the lack of action, events and boring life? Act, don’t react! This is you being lazy to start prioritizing your needs and your persona! You are important and if you start to listen to you, the universe start to cooperate with your goals.

So, by the time you sit and think that even your next of kin is not enough good for you, but not strong reasons to break up, maybe he is also thinking the same. Not only vanity is playing here but also factors as dependence, co-dependence and weakness to stand up for your expectations from yourself and implicitly from life.

Have we ever thought that the other is also encountering in the same vicious circle, that has been tired of the negative feedback of the relationship? Toxic relation, toxic lifestyle, no universe response to your needs.

Shall I say not to expect from the others to do anything for you, just to start to do it by ourselves and the rest will come. Be self-sufficient and there will be no disappointments from the others. I know, you must also be able to ask and do it without crying out loud. So, do we have to manipulate so that the partner will do something for us free of charge? Being a woman also implies the ability of obtaining from life whatever she may want: favours, love, gifts, dreams coming true. How honest and sincere must a woman be when requiring all these? How strong and poker game bet act must we be prepared for? Is the condition of woman more difficult in life? Are we really trained and taught/raised by our families to be winners? Is society fair with the successful women by all means?

So, people stay in relationships for different reasons but love: interests. Can we fall for other’s ability and capacity to make life easier? Is this love? I think the answer is yes. Then why is the society blaming this kind of relation? Aren’t we hypocrites? We all like being at shelter. But this has a price that not everybody is willing and capable to pay it. You need to have stomach to digest what come with this package.

People are changing according to their needs everyday. We are no more the persons we woke up this morning. Happenings improve ourselves or alter us. So, we are not the same. What happens if this evolution doesn’t affect both partners and one remains outside. What keeps you there? Is it you duty to drag him after you, to cast his eyes?


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