Scary Halloween decorations

Every year, people overpass themselves into the big race for the Halloween decorations. Personified and personalized pumpkins, the whole parade of scary characters become the favorite background for this event. Allegory, magic and scary is at its best.

The scary Halloween decorations have been imported from the outdoor to indoor without any second thoughts. If you take a close look at the accessories that decorate the interiors in this time of the calendar, you will be overwhelmed by the nonchalance of the terrifying décor: bloody masks lay- down above the fireplace, phantoms mantle hang on the wall, vampire teeth on the cabinet mirror; everywhere you turn your head you see Frankenstein faces, Adam’s family characters, cemetery atmosphere revival, as livid as death walking hands, skeletons. Even though the table on the living room has been very careful and in an inviting manner arranged, still, a web nest, has also been spread all over it. Even it is not something your eyes will be happy to see on a daily basis in the rest of the year, in this particular period of time, the scary Halloween decorations and costumes become friendly and a must-have. If a witch hat seems very fancy and sophisticated, a bloody brain will always represent the ultimate and daring outfit. If during the rest of the year, elegant, classy decorative elements may lay down on the pieces of your furniture, now the top of the preferences are the scary Halloween decorations.

This social impact of the holiday has reached the peeks of the glory. All the people want to touch the magic, want to interfere with the Halloween atmosphere, to live in a fairytale. Revive the scenes full of cruelty from ancient times, with purple, ivory and fluorescent samples of fabrics entangled on the floor or your sofa. These are ones of the less expensive and on hand scary Halloween decorations that may be easily stored and reused for different purposes and destinations.  Do you still have a broken arm or leg dolls, put them all together in a basket and let the visitor imagine the terrifying story!

A vintage black velvet cat of a medium size may warn you from the window if you pass-by, that something creepy is going on as the old horologe sends abnormal sound all over the house.

Are you brave enough to accommodate in your room a jewelry box representing a cemetery cross and tomb? Is there any space for a hunting phantasm flying on balloon stuffed with helium? I thought so.

The lighting has an important role in the art of decoration. The right one embellishes neutral tings, gives them personality, the inappropriate one, will disadvantage your decoration projects, obtaining sometimes the opposite result. Place candles on your floor, to semi- obscurely light the space in order to obtain the magic and scary Halloween atmosphere. If you are afraid of the accidents that might occur, then use night lights in different shapes, the more indefinite the better effect will have on your scary Halloween decorations. The shapes of the objects will be more elongated, with shades on the wall as the contour of a lost spirit.

At the end of the day it is about the embracement of these two feelings, magic and scary, that makes this holiday so joyful and cozy despite its religious significance.


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