Homemade Halloween décor

Are you in the mood to create your own homemade Halloween decor? Do you feel the inspiration muse is coming to you yet not so much? The homemade approach is not expensive and it’s genuine because it is you!

There are plenty of small things that can be designed by you for the Halloween décor. Starting with what you have on hand in your house or in the garden. Place on a big tray small chestnuts and paint them in the Halloween theme, as a web nest, to join the plastic small pumpkins that you have already arranged. Are there any trees in your courtyard? Chop some of the dry branches and manufacture the witch’s broomstick. Besides, dry leaves and branches, insert stripes of all kind of shiny or vividly colored samples of fabrics. So, you have transformed a cleaning tool in a very complex decorative item, given its significance in the worldwide cultures. By the way, according to ancient beliefs, your house will be protected from the bad spirits and spells if you put a reversed broom behind the door.

If you look at other cultures, for example, the Christian- orthodox people have imported some of the features of the Halloween but they still have their customs. According to the popular legends, it is said that on in the night of 1st of November, the doors of the other land will open and the dead ones come to visit their beloved in the cemetery. On this occasion, women are decorating the crosses from the tombs. It is not a funeral or lugubrious event; people are joking and eating homemade pastries and drink grappa in the memory of the beloved persons passed in the Land of the Death.  The decoration of the crosses means a round wreath, an assortment of flowers, leaves made out of plastic or in natural state. For this Halloween homemade décor you need a wire, some thread, a piece of branch of a fir tree, crepe paper and a pair of scissors. Cut the crepe paper into stripes, depending on how big you want the flowers. Place a stripe into your thumb and index fingers and roll one the vertical side of the material. After you have obtained a rose, roll it at the other side in order to contour the petals. Tight the roses with a thread or with the thin wire and place as many as you can on the skeleton made of the branch of the fir tree.

Besides the crepe paper roses, you may prepare your homemade Halloween décor wreath with stripes of fabric samples in chameleon and very vividly colors, or in your house’s theme: use from miniature brooms, plastic pumpkins or witches puppets, to minimalist and modern accessories one may find in the specialized shops for home decoration or interior design.

Depending on your talents, dress up your home and yourself in a unique way, using small things you have in your household.  A real challenge is to manufacture dolls from the husk corn. If you are not very talented, keep them simple and accessorize them with ribbons, lace stripes from an old piece of your wardrobe and use them as a homemade Halloween décor. Considering that this a cheerful occasion and that people interact with friends and family, not only the house must look embellished and Halloween decorated. Delicious and inviting food is also an important approach of this celebration. A warm décor consists also from good looking and delicious homemade pastries and pies arranged on nice silvers trays. Decorate the marmalade jars from your kitchen with small homemade masks, especially designed by you or with Halloween theme labels that you have drawn and painted by yourself. Arrange your dinner table and the food you serve to your guests in a friendly manner. Place the plates in small pumpkins carved so as to fit the napkin and the soup bowl inside.

Start now the preparations for creating a magic homemade Halloween décor!


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