Halloween yard decoration

The fall season arrived on its pumpkin carriage welcomed by the carpet of the red, orange and yellow leaves, bringing with it a very celebrated period of the year, the Halloween.

All spaces dress themselves into the specific holiday’s mantle: from the very attentive manner of decorating the interiors to the large size decorative elements for the spaces of exterior.

The yard is the place where people are welcomed firstly. It is a large area that must be well organized and shouldn’t be neglected. It is the mirror of the dwelling and it is an important place for all of us. The larger the area, the more choices for decorating it you may discover. If you are lucky and live at the countryside, then, there is an occasion for you to re-furbish the old cart, have it painted and repaired and place it in the yard, garden, and use it as a jardinière or as a Halloween yard decoration together with your carved pumpkins. Hang on it the pots with flowers. It is a very easy and relaxing operation. Place in the middle of the pumpkin interior a small thin candle. This lighting of your yard in the warm colors spread through the teeth of the pumpkin make the most part of the job in arranging your Halloween yard decoration.

Of course, the cart will have a driver. Who else than the Scarecrow? Let it be the main character of your court Halloween décor. Use some old fabrics and dress it up for this event. Presumably, your court accommodates some trees empty in this time of the year. Feel like being haunted? Then hang old white sheets in each of them. Hang an old raincoat and a hat into a tree or even dress the Scarecrow with them. It will look like phantoms in the dark, especially if there are lit only by the full moon’s rays and by the pumpkin lanterns. The bad Witch is running though the garden, among the apple trees to gather the harvest. She has shrewdly switched the fairytales, but she got her reward, there is no harvest to gather for her.

Do you happen to have also a big pitchfork? Then, use it as a Halloween yard decoration item. I am sure that again, somebody from other fairytale must have forgotten it here. Lay down on your patio small size pumpkin lanterns to light your way in the dark of the night, you may place them everywhere, on the stairs, at the entrance, because this outdoor’s space outfit will be based mostly on the carved pumpkins.

The fall landscape itself is an appropriate natural Halloween yard decoration. Our step on the rustling leaves sound frightful in the late autumn evenings.

In some European cultures, chrysanthemums are the most popular flowers for Halloween yard decoration. They embellish the gardens and courts and also the interior of the houses. No need to buy floral arrangements from the florist shop, you may create and design your ones in vases or other recipients as transparent bowls, etc.

Feel free to use everything you have on hand for transforming your yard in the entrance into a magic world, not only on special occasions or celebrations but also in daily basis. Make a routine from decorating your house and yard in amazing outfits according to your desires and personality.


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