Halloween window decor

Throughout times, people have felt the need to believe in superior existences, so they have experienced beliefs from totems- in cavern era- to nowadays various religions. They have celebrated the major events and their significance. On 31th October night, the Halloween, it is celebrated the revival of the bad spirits and of all souls departed on the other realm. People, courtyards and homes change their appearance. All the dreadful characters of the legends and fairytales come to live everywhere you step.

A front architectural element in a house design is the window. It is the icon of the interior. On this special occasion, the window Halloween décor will be accessorized accordingly. The abundant decorative elements are the foreplay of the story one may find inside, the place where the outdoor space meets the indoor space. It must be inviting, representative and creative.

Given this celebration, let’s invite count Dracula in a natural size marionette, to populate the French window and host the ceremony of welcoming the passers-by with homemade cookies and candies.  He will be seated at a black- round table centre placed, on an obsolete chair. A silver candlestick reminding the medieval age, will decorate this piece of furniture. Do you have a miniature castle night light? Put it in a corner and let it lit the window veiled by an organza orange curtain. The lighting spread on this Halloween window décor will create a semi-obscure atmosphere, suitable for the intimacy required by the long fall evenings. In order that this tableau should be perfectly romantic, use a glass box and lay down the Snow White- or any kind of doll- inside. At the midnight hour, when the church’s bells ring, the count will kiss and awake her from the death sleep.

Do not hesitate to use your imagination and allow yourself to accommodate the most romantic yet frightful characters. Mix obsolete and redundant things that you once wished to get rid of, with the modern minimalist or classic design of your houses, if space will allow you, of course. Limit yourself to use small size decorative items that are easily to find in the shops for interior design. For sure they are fully equipped with all kind of accessories for domestic use. Your common taste will help you to be unique in decorating your window. All kind of fabrics, in autumn colors, tight with a clip, may be of a great help as Halloween window décor elements.  Be traditional and modern at the same time, an old book with a strange picture on its cover might be a decorative item for the reading lovers that also keeps you stay in the atmosphere. The sad broken dolls laid- down on silk cushion, on the floor in front of the window may appear a great idea for the houses with limited space.

It is a cheerful event and opportunity for people to socialize and communicate. By decorating the elements of their houses they express themselves, transmit their personality and the manner of understanding happenings in their lives. Even if Halloween is the night of the bad spirits, serenity and joy are the most useful and benefic guidelines!  Treat friendly your family and friends and make a warm atmosphere in your homes helped by the art of decoration but also by the vivid tonus of yourself. Trick or treat?


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