Small gestures

One of these days, my boss stepped into the office and asked me a cup of tea but he said:

‘Be more generous with the water’, as I poured 2 fingers less water in the cup. I mean, it was’t fully filled if I may say so.

What my shareholder doesn’t know is that I had preious experience in serving coffee or tea in a hospitality industry. Years ago, I worked at bar service in a 5- star hotel. I was unexperienced and the tight and small place at the pool bar didn’t allow to waist room in arranging the things. Every object had its particular place and once you misplaced it, the other things left on the outside. Anyway, I was supposed to take from the restaurant the coffee in the thermos, apples pies, oranges etc. The supply I had to carry it by a restaurant cart till the stairs nearby the swimming pool.

One of the mornings, everything was upside down and my mood the same. I was in a hurry and I was almost running. When I left the restaurant cart for descending the stairs I forgot to slow down the speed of my supplies transporter. By the time I reached my small room at the pool bar, the cart was also descending the stairs and collapsed, fortunately near the pool. People from the restaurant and around the swimming pool came into my help, but it happened. My day started perfectly. Also the maitre d’hotel came out from the restaurant to asked if I was ok. No, I replied, the cake is on the floor. That’s fine, you will not serve cake today, he said.

I didn’t have time to relieve after this episode, my first client of the day popped in to ask for a coffee.

As I have stated before, I was new in the branch. I filled the cup with coffee. He started to sceam that he couldn’t mix the suger and the milk in the cup because it was too full.

Well, what a beautiful day!

This was my first lesson. Nobody explained to me the art of serving the coffee. I have learned a lot of things due to my guests. People with exquisite tastes.

Since then I was careful when pouring coffee in a cup.

Years passed and I changed my proffession.

One of these days, I was seeing for a coffee a friend of mine that is working for a Chinese company and was telling me about our cultural and social differences.

Guess what? ‘No good’ to fill the cup of tea or coffee says her boss. In the Chinese culture there is lack of respect if this small gesture is done.

Instinctually, empirically or cognostively, I knew it.

Mr. Stakeholder, please do know that I am not stingy when I am not filling your cup to the brim with water, it’s a matter of common sense and practical reasons! I pay you respect!


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