Unveiling or revealing

We are all so attracted to people different to us. It is in our nature and has a scientific explanation (we all know the theory of the two different poles).

I will go beyond that saying that mystery and lack of consistency drive some of us crazy and make love that suspense and uncertainty.

To my own desperation I am that kind of person that falls in love with the perfect stranger.

When I say perfect stranger I mean: he doesn’t belong to my religion, to my culture, to my color and he’s emanating mystery: of his, culture, of his religion so unknown by me. The moment you say you have discover one percent of the truth, then you have noticed it’s leaking between your fingers like the fine sand of the dessert where from he comes.  Even if he pretends everything is one hundred percent natural, true and safe, you ought to wake up from that dream. Reality is right the opposite and so cruel. Sometimes you just feel there is something wrong and you are suspicious because some details, facts don’t match, you don’t have the proof and cannot argue that, just to accept it. He is full of contradictions that intricate you: to go on or to stop everything (including being yourself), you love and hate the situation because his presence takes your breath away, takes you to the peaks of bliss and passion, you need everything he offers: his story, his mentality. He prefers you covered by a veil, your body to be a dark secret to anybody, known and touched only by him, but opposite to his conservatory thinking he also lies you without any regret swearing on your God: unveiling or revealing. You are confused but go on in believing in him because he is damn eligible man in your life that knows to nourish your feelings and your pride. By the time he reveals his true (if ever) identity you are on a trip abroad spending all your money on skinny jeans, red bags and brilliant watches and make from your obsession a source of energy… to shop… shop … shop.

P.S. Everything is pure fiction. All facts and characters similar to reality are simply coincidence.


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